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The Kadia Lab is a home for OT’s across all areas of practice.

Whether you are starting out on your journey as a career OT- or love supporting others who are walking the path you have trod…

this is the place for you.

With an ever rapidly changing space in which Occupational Therapists work in…

The Kadia Lab seeks to be a space of connection, community, celebration and creativity.

Creating a space where together we can navigate and pivot in a highly responsive way to the needs of our communities and culture, maximising the opportunities for Occupational Therapists in this changing space. 

Knowlege Development

We get that bridging the gap between the educational space and clinical practice can be daunting. 

We have been there before – sitting in a training event, or even at a desk… wondering why we were never taught what it was that we are expected to know…


Fast track resources

Time alone does not equal competence.

Fast Track your learning and career growth by accessing the same swipe files that therapists use in their own clinical spaces to maximise learning, and remove the overwhelm. 



thrive and grow

Plants need nutrients, support, warmth and  a safe space to thrive.

The Clinical Education Team and the Collective Community are here to help you do exactly that – Grow! 


Hit Your Career Targets

 Your Career is Your Journey!

The OT Collective is here to help you unpack where you want to go… and how to get there! 

With customised training, mentoring and clinical competency programs you can take control, and build the career you are created for!

connect & collaborate

One of the best tools in your Career Toolbox is your Network.

The OT Collective is exactly that – a space to network and grow, creating career long connections that you can build a dynamic, collaborative and powerful career on.

As OT’s we are great at being there for each other. The journey starts now!

Collective Voice

Whether it is sharing the power, passion or perspective that is unique to our roles as trained Occupational Therapists  with the wider community, each other or the Policy Makers…

Together we can make a tangible and real difference.

Join now to have your voice heard!

Just For You…

The Kadia Lab is an online educational and support space for both Highly Experienced as well as Student, Early Career and New Graduate Occupational Therapists.

We know the first few years can be a challenge… and it can be a lonely space. Our purpose is to walk with you, providing you with opportunities to grow and develop specifically around your needs and your goals.

We also find that it is those with more years of experience under their belt that really seek the collaboration and development that comes from targeted training, Mentoring and support, as you seek to take your career and interventions to a whole new level .

With a range of opportunities for connection, growth and collaboration, join now to not miss out on the new updates and opportunities.

Our educators have presented at: 


Clinical Consultations

  1. So often we hear of OT’s who are out on their own.

No matter how awesome our colleagues might be, it’s not the same thing as having another OT in your corner.

Click here to find out if Clinical Consults are for you!

Clinical or Professional Skills Training

Build your practical skills with clinical educators who not only still have daily contact with clients / patients, but also lead teams of clinicians through the day to day challenges of every day OT.

Whether it is change coaching, assistive technology, conflict negotiation, justification of recommendations or home modifications, we have something for you!

Click here to check out our programs!



Click here to Unlock your Career Potential with Coaching

Are you looking to enhance your clincial skill development, or smooth out the roadbumps in your career growth?

Is so our group, topic specific or 1:1 coaching options could be just what you are looking for.

If coaching is your next right step – shout out and click here to connect!



Connect with OT’s across a wide range of practice areas who are clinically working and are here to share what clinical practice is really about.


Access the same files that OT’s use daily to cut the confusion and overwhelm…so that you can save time and stress in delving great outcomes for your clients! 

Hacks and Hints

Access the Hacks, Tips and Tricks OT’s use across the professional space so that you can level up and fast track the “doing” in your own clinical space.

Clinical Consults

Need a second pair of eyes, or specific and targeted coaching, then clinical consults is the place to be!

24/7 Training Portal

Stay up to date with topics, tools and learning programs designed around what you need, with new training released regularly

Stay on The Pulse

Connect through our exclusive networking program and facebook groups where you can connect with like minded OT’s and stay on the pulse.

Celebrate and Elevate

We know you do amazing work – and we openly celebrate it! So – look out for the Shout Out’s and cheer on your colleagues and our profession as a whole!

Clinical and Career Coaching

Unlike operational ‘supervision’ where your boss is partially focused on the company needs, this space is all about you. Reach out to connect with your own coach or mentor, to focus on what really matters to you.

We step through real career and clinical challenges faced on a daily basis …



Hear From OT’s Who Have Connected With Our Trainers… and Programs…

“Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me and helping me unpack the bigger story and make the links and connections really easily! Appreciate it!”

New Graduate Therapist

“ I (now) take the initiative….. I was never confident like this before. Now I could at least find out the problems and able to problem solve with appropriate solutions…”
Grade 2 Community OT

“Fantastic, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable presenter. Inspiring to think outside the box of what I thought we can do with rails. It would be good to attend another (course) with you again Janelle”

Grade 3 OT

Sub Acute OT

“ Thank you for for always challenging me to do better and use my brain. You really care about me doing my best and I love the accountability to help me reach more potenial”
Coaching participant

*Feedback shown are from annonomous feedback opportunities following courses or mentoring programs run by our presenters. Roles outlined are as noted in the feedback. Images indicative only.

Clinical Settings

Clinical Topics Covered

Awards Won by Presenters


Funding application success rates of educators

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