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Career Coaching – Finding Your Next Right Step

Janelle has worked as an Occupational Therapist for over 14 years, with a career spanning Acute, Sub-acute, Speciality Inpatient, Diagnostic Clinic, Public and Private Community Health (including NDIS).

After a career in the Public Health Space, as Clinician and Specialty Clinic Team Lead, Janelle moved into community private practice to maximise the opportunities for client driven interventions, where she now is the Clinical director for Kadia Therapy Group – a Nominee (top 5 nationally) for Team Culture Excellence in the Allied Health Awards 2021.

Janelle also provides secondary consults, education, career and business coaching to OT’s and Allied Health Staff across Australia.
With experiencing the impact of having other OT’s invest in her career over the years, Janelle appreciates the impact unpacking the ‘right next step’ in career growth can have.

She is now offering you the opportunity to sit down with her and explore what your next right career step might be.

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Clinical Consultations

There are many times where accessing a secondary oppinion can be valuable. 

Whether you have a particularly tricky client, are working in isolation, are feeling stuck in the reeds, or are pushing the edges of your own personal scope…

Whatever the reason, accessing a secondary opinion is considered Gold Class Standard for clinical care.

Here at The Kadia Lab, we get that it can be tricky to know who to reach out to, so we have made it easy for you by releasing our very own subject matter experts to help guide you on your way. 

Whether it is advanced home modifications, Vehicle modifications, complex disability or strategic support (the list does go on), our team are here to help. 

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 Clinical Supervision

Not only is supervision a registration requirement, it is also evidenced to be the primary factor in creating clinical competency. 

However, it is at times shocking to find that evidence based, gold class standard supervision is rarely offered within the clinical space. 

With clear evidence demonstrating the powerful impact of reflective supervision, it is a surprise to hear of the continued practice of using ‘supervision’ as a cloak for Operational Management. 

In it’s true form, supervision is 100% about the person receiving supervision… and has nothing to do with KPI, Caseload or  performance criteria check-ins. 

Rather, supervision is about supportive reflection on a a range of topics – all lead by the supervisee. 

The Kadia Lab team, are trained by Michelle Bihary, and follow her strategies and methodologies which are based in comprehensive evidence, and are founded in creating a space of psychological safety.

If you are working in isolation and are needing supervision, or are finding your organisation is driving the topics and purpose of their supervision into a more ‘operational managment’ space, then this program might just be the right fit for you.

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