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Download Your Rail Prescription Competency Self Assessment Tool 


The Rail Prescription Competency Checklist is a great place to start if you are wondering what is needed to be considered in rail prescriptions, wanting to confirm your knowledge and confidence in your current skill set, or are wanting to see what your next learning goals could be in clinical consolidation.

No matter how many rails you have prescribed, taking the time to reflect on all domains of rail prescriptions will ensure that you continue to prescribe confidently with strong clinical competence. 

Download your own Rail Prescription Clinical Competency  Checklist here

Rails course

Are you wondering where you are at in your career? 

Feeling a little lost or wondering where your “why” has gone? 

Download this OT Career Health Check and Start to unpack what your ‘next right step’ might be… 


Prescribing personal alarms on the surface can seem simple…

But, get it wrong and the user may actually loose confidence in ‘doing’ their life. 

Download the Personal Alarm Roadmap Now.



Running from ward to ward can be super tricky…

Balancing information coming from all directions, with so many stakeholders can make keeping track of notes more than challenging. 

Be prepared for handovers by downloading this sample from one of our therapist’s own in-patient client management / ward management system.



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