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Janelle Arnold

Janelle is passionate about creating strong, psychologically safe environments for Occupational Therapists, and other Allied Health Professionals to thrive.

With years of supervision under her belt, across a range of clinical settings, Janelle has developed strong skills in supporting Clinicans to find their best selves, and create a space for them to thrive.

Supervision is about the individual seeking supervision, with the structure of each session lead by the supervisee. 


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Joanna Thomas

If you are a Early Career, New Grad or Final Year Student then this coaching program is for you.

 In Focus on Foundations, together we build out the solid foundations for your clinical practice in a clinically relevant and multi-

Just like building a sky scraper… the deeper and more solid the foundations, the higher, more flexable the building can be.

Click below to find out more.

Kirsty Connor

Now that you have a few years under your belt, unpacking where you want to go with your career, and the best paths for you to consider is next on your to-do list.

Our coaches have worked with many therapists, helping them unpack what they really want out of their career and lifestyle.

With a huge passion for a “one stone, two birds” approach, our coaches are excited to see you ramp up in your professional growth and confidence as you move from clinican to leader…

Guiding you to leverage off your unique strengths and skills to help you be the Therapist you are created to be.

With intake into this exclusive coaching program, Click below to get your name on the wait list!


Are All The Courses At The Occupational Therapy Collective Develooped by OT's?

The Kadia Lab is an educational, collaborative and career development space for Occupational Therapists By Occupational Therapists.

Afterall, who better to speak into the journey of student to early career development, than those who have been exactly where you have been?

Our Team at The Kadia Lab believe in the power of the profession, and know that it takes amazing, unique and gifted individuals who believe in being the best therapist they can be to apply Occupational Therapy into the exciting opportunities of our current times.

So, in short, yes – our course development team, along with OT’s across the work space continum are all OT’s who keely listen to your unique learning needs.

Are all the courses available all the time?

Our lives as OT’s can get kind of crazy can’t it?

With work, life, friends, family and of course occupationally meaningful activities 😉 finding time to keep up to date and ‘help our future selves’ through connecting with professional development activities can be tricky….complicated all the more by serious FOMO!

We also know that the best intentions of doing all the training we sign up for, can just lead to a sense of pressure hanging over our heads.

So, to support you in preventing becoming a ‘course junkie’ our courses run at set times based on presenter availability. This means that there is often a wait list for some of our courses, and that they can fill up pretty quick.

When we were running courses live, our last course filled within 2 hours, leading us to expand to a different venue… with the expanded spots being snapped up within 4 hours.

So, this means, if you have a particular course you are interested in, and a date for the next course is not showing, pop your name down by clicking on the course, and we will let you know as soon as we do when that next course is running.

In the mean time, connecting in our face book community – we look forward to seeing you there!


How Do The Online Courses Work?

The online learning environment is one which allows us so much more flexability than available in our face to face programs as we are able to take you ‘behind the scenes’ and give you ‘up-close and personal’.

Each course is specifically crafted around multiple learning styles, taking into consideration the learning opportunities unique to each topic.

Some of the features you might find in a course include (but are not limited to)

– Video modules

– Core training downloadables

– Swipe files and resources

– Office Hours

– Ask Me Anything

Some of the larger courses include coaching calls and face to face sessions – all designed around maximising your learning.

Check out the course guides to find out more.


What if there is something I want to learn but can't find a course?

No Problems! This is EXACTLY the type of ‘challenge’ the team at the Kadia Lab has been created to conquor.

Just jump over to The Kadia Lab Facebook Group and connect with all the amazing therapists there.

Not only will you be able share with us your learning needs, but you will also be able to reach out to others who are navigating the same challenges you are.

The Kadia Lab is a beautiful space where wins are celebrated, help is found and where you can link in with our experts.

You never know, your ‘big question’ might just be the next course delivered to your door!



on the ground experience

Our team have experience from across Australia, Internationally and many Health Care settings (aged care, in-patient rehab, Acute Care, Out Patient Specialist Clinics, Community Services, Aged Mental Health and Private Practice. 


Local Context, Relevant Content

The Team at The Kadia Lab understand that the Australian Health Climate is unique in the world, with our own set of challenges…. and opportunities. Our team is here for you. So drop us a message if you have a clinical or professional need. We are here to help.


Lifting Up OT's

Here at The Kadia Lab, we know that OT’s are the most powerful, and under-estimated Allied Health Profession in Australia. If you know of an OT that is doing amazing work, thinking outside the box, or applying our (OT’s) clinical models in a whole new way – we want to know!

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