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The OT Effect Podcast FAQ’s

Occupational Therapy is often difficult to explain, unpack or communicate to the ‘outside world’, and then there is the nature that OT’s can work almost anywhere.

From the frustrations of seeing OT’s undervalued, miss-understood and hidden by non ‘ OT specific’ titles , Janelle and Joanna seek to pull back the veil on the mystery of OT… 

The wind is not dis-similar to OT. After-all, the wind is impossible to capture, it is unable to be truely seen, and yet the impact can be felt so deeply. 

From a subtle breeze, a dancing leaf, to a full blown hurricane. The power of the wind can not be under-estimated. 

So.. rather than trying to explain OT, which, like trying to capture the wind… is near impossible, lets start looking at and celebrating the impact.. the OT Effect!









Expression Of Interest

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Who Are The Hosts?

Janelle Arnold and Joanna Thomas are Occupational  Therapists who are passionate about elevating the dicipline of OT in Australia.

Joanna Thomas has a bachelor in psychology and Masters in OT. 

She currently works as Team Lead for Kadia Therapy Group, with her work being key to creating a culture which has been nominated for the Allied Health Awards 2021 Team Culture Excellence.

Janelle Arnold has worked across public and private spaces and is currently the director for Kadia Therapy Group. 

Together Janelle and Joanna seek to raise up OT’s no matter where they work, so that Australian community can understand and experience the full impact of the Occupational Therapy effect in their lives. 

What do Joanna and Janelle want to hear about from you?

Are you working clinically as an OT? Researching an angle of OT that you would like to share, or have something that you think the OT world would benifit from? 

if YES! then this is the home for you.

The OT Effect team want to know your story, your every day, and your message for the world. 

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what that ‘one thing’ might be… 

and that’s ok..

if it is connected to OT, we want to know about it. 

Who listens to The OT Effect?

The OT Effect is designed to connect Occupational Therapists, Students, Researchers, and the wider community together.

This is Occupational Therapists opportunity to share the impact of our work with our world.

Your opporunity!

I'm Interested.... but I am not sure if what I have to share is interesting enough?

Don’t worry … We get you.

It can be super hard to unpack what it is that others might find interesting. 

Not only that… but OT’s generally find it difficult or uncomfortable to lift the lid on their ‘light’…

But, that is exactly what Joanna and Janelle are here for. 

Joanna and Janelle will take the time to help you unpack and  refine your message. 

Remember – what is ‘every day’ to you… could be a complete mystery to others…

And… as OT’s we are often very good at understating the impact of OT. 

I am not a Clinically Practicing OT... does that make a difference?

If OT’s were an animal, they would likely be a chameleon.

Whilst a chameleon may change it’s colour, it doesn’t stop being the awesome little creature it is.

The same can be said for Occupational Therapy Trained Professionals.

No matter what setting, formal title or Job Role, if the OT foundationastions are guiding you in what you do…

Then we want to connect.

I'm ready to share my message... what next?

If you think that joining this podcast is for you, then send us an expression of interested by clicking the link above. 


Share Your Message

Do you have a key message you would like to share?

Then the OT Effect Podcast Team would love to hear from you…


Connect with your audience

Are you needing research participants, seeking to gain connenction and support to advocate for a purpose, or have a service which would support OT’s in their journey? 

Then this podcast could be for you.


Lifting Up OT's

Here at The OT Effect, we get that it can be hard to celebrate your wins. 

OT’s are afterall the most humble bunch.

So… let us be your cheerleaders, and give you a safe space to share your impact and wins. 

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