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We are currently working behind the scenes to bring you stories, research updates and on the ground stories from OT across Australia.

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The OT Effect Podcast Celebrates the impact that Occupational Therapists are having across Australia.

Occupational Therapy continues to be one of the least understood Allied Health Disciplines, and yet remains one of the most powerful, diverse and multi-dimensional roles, The OT Effect seeks to peel back the layer of mystery and celebrate OT’s and the impact they have in all the spaces they work.

If you would like to share your OT passion, research or …. anything OT…

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The Kadia Lab Podcast is designed to keep you up to date and in the loop with all things community health.

Some of the areas of discussion include 

– making the most of opportunities in the community space

– managing workplace stressors

– intentional career development

– home modifications

 – Assistive Technology 

– Working with Funding Bodies (ie: the NDIS)

The Team at The Kadia Lab, when not working to promote OT, or support the amazing OT’s in the wider Aussie space, mostly also moonlight in key roles as CEO (janelle) and Clinical Team Lead (Joanna) at Kadia Occupational Therapy Group. 

With on the ground, relevant and current experience, this podcast is sure to hit the spot with community OT’s – or those wanting to know what life is like on “the other side of the fence”.


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