Foundations Mentoring


This is where we talk about the mentoring program before breaking down into features!


24 Hour Resource Access

Need to get your hands on that document, swipe file, template or FAQ sheet discussed in office hours? With 24 hour access to our training portal and facebook group you will have all the resources you need at your fingertips.

Never mind not being able to grab time at the computer during work hours, these resources are going no where! Need something that’s not there? …well, ask away in Office Hours and the Collective Team will connect you with what you need! 

Swipe Files

Janelle and Joanna have been there…done that… 

Between the two of them, they have a massive collection of documents that help unpick even the most challenging of situtations.

Whether it is organisation, client communication or stratagy and problem-solving, Janelle, Joanna and the Occupational Therapy Collective Team can connect you with the very same swipe files which they use in their own clinical practice


Office Hours

Ever felt like you have needed an OT in your corner?

Then Office Hours is for you. Joanna and Janelle open their door for you to ask the pressing questions on your mind. 

With Question box open for you to submit your ponderings, Janelle and Joanna will work through your pressing questions, pulling back the curtain to all things occupational therapy practice… and workplace culture – helping you to navigate the bends, dips and potholes that can be clinical practice. 


Recording Library

Worried that you will miss something? 

Here at the Occupational Therapy collective, we know that you are super tallented at juggling many life roles. So, to help you on your way, ensuring that you have access to all the goodness inside our Early Career Coaching Program, all Office Hours will be recorded and uploaded to the portal. That way, even if you can not be live, your question will be answered, and you can hear from your OT Cheer Team whether it be whilst walking, traveling or sipping that glass of wine.


On The Couch

As OT’s we LOVE sitting down on the couch and sharing in the stories of Therapists accross the spectrum of OT. On The Couch is your opportunity to hear from OT’s with a wide variety of years experience and clinical settings. 

 We believe in life long learning, and what better way than to learn from the journey of others. You never know, you might find a passion area that you never knew exisited!


Connect and Collaborate

Connecting and Collaborating is at the heart of the Occupational Therapy Collective…

It is kind of indicated in our name 🙂

Our facebook group is where all the networking is created, with weekly challenges, Info Spots, Question opportunities and a Space where we cellebrate the awesomeness that is Our Collective Community. 

You will also find swipe files, and have direct access to our collective support team who are here to make your time with us as effective and empowering as possible. 


Simple One Click Install

Ally features a one click demo content installation to get your site looking like the demo in no time.

Widget Area Before the Footer

You can design your footer with Divi Page Builder and choose to show it on every page (using Divi Widget Builder). There is no need to add a global section to each page and post.

Fly-In Animations

You can easily animate any module on scroll down and scroll up. Just add a custom CSS class of ally-left, ally-right, ally-bottom, ally-top or ally-fade.

Divi Modules Styling

Ally features multiple pre-styled modules. Several version of Blurbs and many others. Just pick & choose the ones that suit your project.

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