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Home Modifications Secondary Consult

Now, more than ever, employers have been placing high levels of responsibility onto new grad and early career OT’s.

This is particularly seen in the space of complex home mods.

What was once considered a space for 10+ year qualified practitioners, more and more OT’s are finding their backs against the wall.

If you are emerging into this clinical scope, are facing an unusual home mod, or are feeling out of your depth – no matter your experience, our Home Mods SME, Janelle, is more than happy to review and unpick the trick and sticky, so that you get your success.

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NDIS and Clinical Justification Secondary Consult

Trying to navigate the NDIS – and have success can leave you feeling like you are in a maze…with no clear way to the flag.

Our Senior Clinicians have achieved significant success in both personally, and supporting their team to create effecitve NDIS applications resulting in an over 95% application success rate with the NDIS over the last 3 years.

Our team get that the NDIS space is a complex and frustrating space… 

But we want you to know that you are not alone. 

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Wheeled Mobility Secondary Consult

There are more options with wheeled mobility than there are white bread… or chocolate…

So it is no wonder that managing all the variables, and seeking to get the right match can get tricky. 

To make the most of the opportunity to have another pair of eyes look over your planned recommendations, or discuss an element of the prescriptive process which is causing you concern, click below to start your journey forward.

Assistive Tech Secondary Consult

Having a second OT look over your current clinical situation can be so empowering. 

Our team at Kadia Occupational Therapy (the power behind The Kadia Lab) really lean into this collaborative space – and reap the benefits!

So, we would like to offer this to you as well!

When you connect with us (see button below), we will take the time to explore the situation with you, unpack the sticky, tricky or the just plain overwhelming so that you can get back on track. 

You might find there are new things to think about, or even better – have one of those great “ahhah” moments when, through our exploration together, show you that you were exactly on target from the beginning. 

We get that sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to confirm what you are seeing – for you to have faith in your own clinical reasoning…

It’s a natural process of Reflective practice…

And we are here to help. 

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